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Congratulations! You've let in purchased a werewolf physician! We hope this User's Manual will be helpful.

Summon the teal deer!

The Canon

The Mercy Thompson series and its subseries, Alpha and Omega, are about a world where the lesser fae (brownies and the like) were ordered out of the closet by their fairy overlords several years ago. North America's werewolves, under the command of their Marrok (kind of like a self-made king), Bran Cornick followed suit quite recently. There are four books in the Mercy Thompson series thus far: Moon Called, Blood Bound, Silver Kissed, and Bone Crossed. A fifth book is forthcoming in February of 2010. The Alpha and Omega subseries thus far consists of the novella Alpha and Omega in an anthology called On the Prowl and the first book, Cry Wolf, with a second forthcoming later this year. They have seriously trashy covers, but don’t let that put you off.

Mercy is a 'Walker,' which is basically a Native American werecoyote, who was raised in the Marrok's pack and left when she was sixteen, and has only recently come back into contact with them. More on that later.

Samuel as Person

Dr. Samuel Cornick (almost never Sam, which has the added effct of helping me keep what bits are left of my sanity) has been to medical school at least three times, most recently a few years ago, and his most recent work experience was at a small town clinic in Montana in a town full of werewolves, then as an ER doctor in the Tri-Cities area of Washington state. So he's surprisingly well-qualified to work in Fandom. He sings and plays guitar, violin, and harp in his free time. He loves people, especially children.

And, since werewolves in the Mercy Thompson universe regenerate so well that they are functionally immortal, he's somewhere in the neighborhood of 1250 years old but looks twenty-five. He was born in Wales (when upset, he will still show traces of an accent; when super-upset he slips into medieval Welsh) and immigrated to the Americas with his father in the 1700s before coming west with Lewis and Clark and ultimately settling in Montana. Samuel has been married three times and had several children, only one of whom lived to adulthood, and he's long since outlived his descendants. This has eaten at him to the point that he wanted to marry Mercy Thompson when she was sixteen, because he believed she could have children born werewolves.

He has since realized that was a really asshat move on many, many levels.

Samuel suffers from an ennui common to werewolves who have lived too long and have become bored with life. Many go mad or kill themselves, or come to America to ask the Marrok to kill them, which is so not even an option in Samuel's case. He has recognized that he has a problem and is trying to fix it by reembracing life and changing his surroundings to reduce the 'everything is always the same' factor. First he went to Washington to reconnect with Mercy; now he's letting Mercy get back to living her life and coming to Fandom. I'm taking Samuel from the end of Bone Crossed, but I will try to avoid dropping too many spoilers.

The part of Samuel will be played by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Samuel as Werewolf

As the Marrok's firstborn son, Samuel is the second most powerful werewolf in North America and his father's second-in-command when he's not lone-wolfing it. As a lone wolf, he doesn't want any trouble or to put anybody out, so he just sort of goes with the flow--the luxury of the powerful.

In human form, Samuel has enhanced reflexes, senses, and speed. In his wolf form, he is white with ice-blue eyes, and he's big even for a werewolf--and most of them weigh upwards of two hundred pounds. He resembles an outsized wolf in many respects, with more muscle, but his front legs are articulated more like a bear's than a dog or wolf's. Drugs do not work on him and he heals normal wounds very quickly, but silver is poison and a wound inflicted with a silver implement will heal at the same speed as a normal person would heal. He does have to change into a wolf at the full moon and hunt (in the Preserve), but other than that he can change at will. The change from human to wolf and back is not instantaneous: it takes several minutes, it is painful, and he shouldn’t change back for at least a couple of hours afterward. Under extreme conditions he can switch back and forth quickly, but he’ll be drained for a while afterward.

The part of Samuel will also be played by some wolf I found on Google images that [ profile] needsaparrot kindly photoshopped blue eyes, because she's awesome like that.

Samuel and You

The main thing about Samuel's personality is that he's depressed and going through the motions, but he's gotten very good at faking it and is trying to get better. He wants to be friends with you. He wants to give a damn.

Samuel doesn't particularly care for vampires, who are all some degree of evil in his world, or witches, due to family history, but he's willing to live and let live.

As a very dominant werewolf, people tend to want to follow Samuel’s directions and commands (unless of course they are very dominant themselves), and he has some resistance to mental coercion. This is mostly dependent on the strength and determination of the caster. For example, Edward Cullen’s low-level, subconscious ‘dazzle’ wouldn’t faze him, while a Jedi mind trick focused on him and cast by Anakin Skywalker probably would, and would be a very bad thing, because when Samuel’s human mind is rolled the wolf tends to take over. If he’s injured badly or incapacitated in some way, his wolf side will take over completely, and that would be bad. The best way to handle a crazed werewolf is to get out of the way and have a more dominant wolf command them, and with Samuel, that pretty much means his father. He will have a sort of ‘in case of werewolf, break glass’ file at his home and the clinic, with emergency contact information for Bran and information on how to contain a werewolf. I'm also saying it’s possible a human strong dominant, of which this game has more than a few, might be able to get his attention long enough to get him to simmer down. If Samuel ever goes amok there will be a plan in place for dealing with him, but I would definitely not recommend him for gremlin bites.

A minor scratch or bite will not turn someone into a werewolf. A werewolf has to nearly kill a human for the lycanthropic whatsits to defeat the human immune system. Attempted Changes have a very high mortality rate. So no, Samuel will not make you a werewolf, no matter how cool you think it would be.


I'm Z! Or Ziho, or 'hey you.' I play [ profile] swerval_zero, [ profile] multiplez, [ profile] screwyoumarvel, [ profile] notafairy, [ profile] spiritofthe20th, [ profile] carsexual, and [ profile] iamnotallgirl. Samuel is my first townie since Miho back in the day, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm also really excited about finally having a shirtless icon. I do not bite unless otherwise specified. I can be contacted via e-mail at screwyoumarvel AT gmail DOT com, or on AIM at fireballofz.

I currently live in the Central time zone and am available mostly in the afternoons and evenings into late night, except for on Wednesdays because my Wednesdays are crazy. I'll be graduating from grad school next month and moving to the Eastern time zone for a summer internship. I don't know yet what my availability will be then. More on these exciting events as they unfold.

I enjoy naps and cake.

The part of me will be played by me, and large parts of this post were cannibalized from my app, because if you can't plagiarize yourself who can you plagiarize?


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*gives cake and naps*

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OMG that wolf was scary.

This wolf is less scary.

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Yes! In no way am I getting flashbacks of Little Red Riding Hood from this one!

Also, shirtless icon is yay. \o/


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