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Samuel threw his last bag into his trunk and slammed the lid. This island hadn't been like anywhere else he'd ever lived, that was sure, but it hadn't been quite what he'd been looking for. So he'd decided he was going to go looking. He'd taken out an apartment in DC, where he could stay when his father needed a mouthpiece in Washington, but beyond that...well. He was a lone wolf now. He could wander, and he intended to do so, and some good along the way.

It was a brand new start.

((And Samuel has left the island.))
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It was kind of nice to be on his own again, or it had been up until the point Samuel realized he'd gotten too used to living with another person. Another person who enjoyed baking and cleaning when she got stressed. If he started missing Mercy's baking, there was a perfectly good bakery in this town to take care of that problem, but he'd gotten used to not having to clean and now it was coming back to bite him. He was a fairly tidy person by nature, but he'd somehow been neglecting things like scrubbing and mopping.

So he was spending his Saturday wearing Dorky Yellow Gloves of Cleaning and making his apartment spotless. It kept him out of trouble.
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Samuel was having a blast. The preserve was full of tasty tasty snacks game, and even if he kept having to remember that the deer were Off Limits, there were still plenty of rabbits. His wolf was happy to run and chase and catch, and he was happy to let it. This was much better than standing in front of Congress in a suit. He understood the need for his father to keep a low profile, but privately he suspected Bran just hated politics as much as the rest of them.

((As last month, if anyone really wants to run across the giant white wolf in the woods at night, they're welcome to it. He won't bite; he'll just think they're lacking good sense.))
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Samuel had had a diverting day of killing things. It had been a while since he'd really cut loose in that manner, and he found he didn't like it that much, or maybe that was just because the alligators tasted nasty. It had been necessary, though, to protect those who were less indestructible than your average werewolf (or your above average werewolf). Then he'd come home, shifted, and washed the alligator bits off himself--then cleaned up the alligator bits he'd tracked in. Then he'd packed an overnight bag, because one could not simply drive into DC, give a speech to make one's father happy, and leave, no, there had to be meetings and receptions and politics.

Still, he supposed, better him than Charles.
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Samuel looked perfectly casual, like he was just out for a walk, when he walked into the preserve. The empty backpack he was carrying was a bit odd, sure, but perfectly ordinary guy.

He wasn't sure what he was actually going to hunt, was the thing. He'd done a bit of research and found out the tiny teal deer that lived in the preserve were endangered. And not only were the squirrels not really worth the effort, they were apparently the island's journalists. Still, there had to be something else out here.

Once he was far enough in, he started stripping. He stuffed all of his clothes into the backpack, then stashed it in the lowest branches of a nearby tree. Hopefully he'd be able to retrace his scent to it come morning. Then he started shifting. Several minutes later, a two hundred pound white werewolf stood up and trotted off into the trees.

It was the full moon. Time to hunt.

((If anyone wants to run across a massive white wolf in the woods at night, they're welcome to. He doesn't bite. He'll just question your good sense.))
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"You've reached Samuel Cornick. I'm not taking calls at the moment, so leave a message and I'll get back to you."

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Congratulations! You've let in purchased a werewolf physician! We hope this User's Manual will be helpful.

Summon the teal deer!

The Mercy Thompson series )

Samuel As Person )

Samuel as Werewolf )

Samuel and You )

The Player )



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